What’s new, IAW?


What started off as a small table set-up in the University Centre atrium has now become an icon of the MSA. Islam Awareness Week launched over a decade ago by students eager to share their knowledge about Islam with their campus community. Stay tuned for more posts here on the big event as it unfolds.

One of the most anticipated CU-MSA events of the year is here: IAW 2017! Every year, the CU-MSA puts on a week-long event where Carleton students have the opportunity to learn a little about Islam in a fun and interactive way. The goal of IAW is to raise awareness about Islam and to showcase its beauties and teachings to the community here at Carleton.

What makes each IAW unique is that every year students strive to communicate the message of Islam through a new central theme. Themes in past years have included “A balanced life”, “Mercy”, and “Exemplary Character.” This year, the theme is “Embrace Diversity.” The reason why we believe this theme is so important and so relevant to the world today is because we can see some of the injustices and cruelties that are going on around the world that are based on categorical elements, such as difference in race, culture, gender, class, and religious views. We are seeing movements like Black Lives Matter take the international stage, and countries like Canada open their doors to refugees. So it’s pertinent and almost necessary that we as a Muslim community show that Islam does not condone these injustices happening around the world and that Islam, similar to BLM and Canada, should be at the forefront of learning how to advocate for these issues by learning about the teachings and practices we have in Islam.

Now, embracing diversity is a very broad topic. So for the purpose of this IAW, we broke it down to three subgroups: embracing cultural/racial diversity, socioeconomic diversity, and diversity in levels of faith. All three of these booths will be showcasing information on a variety of topics such as interfaith dialogue through an Islamic lens, how to bridge gaps in society through charity, Islam’s view on interracial marriage, and much, much more!

We encourage everyone to come visit the University Centre Atrium from March 20-24 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to learn something new, pick up a free copy of the Qur’an, get their henna done, try on a hijab, and visit the photo booth and other attractions set up for the week. We also highly encourage everyone to buy some baked goods at our daily bake sale. All the funds that we raise through these bake sales and other initiatives will be going to the Somali Education Fund to help fund the tuition, transportation, food, and supplies of ten children in Somalia who have lost either one or both of their parents, and cannot afford to go to school on their own. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Your IAW Coordinators,

Biftu Hulo and Oussama Khallil


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